Dai Nam Flour Company Limited is an enterprise specializing in producing and trading rice flour, glutinous rice flour, wheat flour and mix flour, established in 2016 with a total area of ​​50,000 m2. The factory is located in Phu An IZ, Tam Binh district, Vinh Long province. Investing in modern technology, having a system of closed rice flour production line imported from Japan with a capacity of 35,000 tons/year, Dai Nam Flour Co., Ltd is proud to be the national and regional typical rice flour product manufacturer. With the mission to meet the needs of the market for rice flour and mix flour, the Company has chosen for itself the growth path as to put quality and reputation on top on a basis of modern production line, a team of highly qualified employees who are experienced in carrying out a professional, closed production process.
           Dai Nam Flour Company Limited focuses on intellect and power to overcome difficulties, seize opportunities, innovate awareness, reorganize the organization, maximize capital utilization, boldly invest in equipment, human resourcesand applications of advanced technology in production and business; to build the Company to become a comprehensivelydevelopedenterprise in the field of producing flour and products from flour.          
           Regarding products:  Our raw materials for rice flour and glutinous rice flour are sourced locally. We always ensure the best quality of rices so that the produced flours are always of the best quality. All our products have issued certification from FDA, Halal, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP,  and certified of typical rural industrial product on national level.
Information of our products:
- Mien Tay Rice Flour
- Mien Tay Glutinous Rice Flour
- Vinamix Flour
- Wheat Flour
- Tapioca Starch.
      Regarding Market:Promoting marketing activities to promote the Company's brand and products on the market. Implementing wellquality policies for customers to maintain and develop the brand and market share. Promoting all resources, strengtheningforeign affairs, joint ventures and partnerships with foreign partners to access the wider international market. Currently, our company provides a variety of flour products for the domestic market and exports to international markets such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada, ... 
     Regarding science and technology: In addition to importing raw materials from Australia, ThaiLand, ... our company has equipped most modern production lines and testing equipment from Europe to control the quality such as: tester of quality control of dough characteristics(Brabender's Farinograph & Extensograph), Moisture analyzer, Sieve shaker, gluten quality tester ( Glutomatic system), ...
     Regarding investment: Continuing to invest in modern production equipmentfortechnological innovation. By investing toaccess to modern facilities and equipment in the direction of the development of advanced science and technology in the world, and at the same time training technical staff and skilled workers, meetingthe development requirements of the Company.
  Regarding Financial: Strictly managing costs, ensuring efficient use of capital; improving financial capacity, ensuring continuous, stable and solid development.
  Dai Nam Flour Company Limited is proud of the continuous development, believing in the company's policy towards:
- Get human as root.
- Environmentally friendly factory.
- Production safety.
- Pursuing perfection.
- Sustainable business.
          In the coming time, Vietnam continues to participate and strongly integrate with the world in all aspects. Many opportunities and challenges await us ahead. Dai Nam Company will also constantly listen to goodwill ideas, as well as serious criticisms to strive to improve product quality, enhance competitiveness, strengthen production processes and improve service quality under the motto: "Quality assurance and food safety and hygiene".
       Dai Nam Flour Company Limited always respects the foundation value for development, which are the opportunities to cooperate with customers. And there are no difficulties that can prevent us from bringing utility values in accordance with the wishes and interests of our customers. We believe that with a Dai Nam Company united, strong team and the support of our customers, Dai Nam Company will surely gain more success in the future.
We are honored to serve you!